14 in HIGH x 22 in WIDE
(35.56 cm HIGH x 55.88 cm WIDE)
Gift of Jay Johnson

"No Wall Between Amigos," "Border Ambassadors"

One rectangular sign that folds in half so the same image is on both sides of the sign. The sign has a white border with a black background and white words. Running lengthwise along the sign is a blue river with a green palm tree on either end of the river with the words "No Wall" in between the trees. Below the river are the words "Between Amigos" and below that is the Border Ambassador logo. In between the curved words "Border" and "Ambassadors" is the image of a red, white, and blue flag shape with the words "United States" separated from a green, white, and red flag shape with the word "Mexico" on it by a black and white star. Underneath the above mentioned logo is "borderambassadors.com" and in the right corner is the copyright symbol then "Border Ambassadors 2008."

Used: Border Ambassadors

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