Collection Date: June 28, 1934 (Ephraim Canyon); May 10, 1931 (Bouquet Canyon); June 27, 1931 (Tehachapi); June 16, 1934 (Snake Creek Canyon)
7.25 in HIGH x 5.125 in WIDE x 0.875 in DEEP
Sanpete County, UT; Los Angeles Co.; Kern Co.; Wasatch County, UT

Ephraim Canyon; Bouquet Canyon; Tehachapi; Snake Creek Canyon

Gift of the Walt Disney Family Foundation

Seven (7) butterflies in a Riker Mount which is a thin, glass-topped, cotton-filled exhibition case. The following description is from top to bottom and left to right.  The butterflies are in three columns. The first is white with brown spots and it is folded, it is male.  The second is iridescent purple with brown and a white border, it is male.  It has iridescent orange and brown spots on bottom edge at lower wing. The third butterfly is brown  with darker brown eyespots and thin whites, it is male. The fourth butterfly is iridescent blue with brown border and a white border at edges.  the fifth butterfly is iridescent blue and brown with brown and white borders. The sixth butterfly is folded, it is female.  It is white with brown spots and gray near body.  the seventh butterfly is white and brows with brown spots and a row of orange spots along border of lower wing, it is male. Verso from left to right and top to bottom: "[female symbol] Lycaena aquilo [female symbol] Ephraim Canyon Sanpete Co. utah June 28, 1934 [male symbol] [male symbol] The Labrador [male symbol in blue]Pleb monticola [male symbol] Bouquet Can. May 10, 1931 [male symbol] Tehachapi Co. 6-27-31 June 27, 1931 Lycanea insulanus 7-16-34 Snake Creek Canyon Wasatch Co. Utah the Island Blue"

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