Collection Date: July 31, 1935 and August 1, 1935 (Tioga Lake); July 6, 1931 (Timber Lake Teton Mts.); July 11, 1935 (Mono Lake); July 6, 1935 (Payson Canyon)
7.125 in HIGH x 5.125 in WIDE x 0.625 in DEEP
Mono Co.; Teton County, WY; Utah County, UT

Tioga Lake; Mono Lake; Timber Lake Teton Mts.; Payson Canyon

Gift of the Walt Disney Family Foundation

Six (6) butterflies in a Riker Mount which is a thin, glass-topped, cotton-filled exhibition case.  Upper side dark gray sometimes with minute tails on hindwing. Underside pale gray with complex pattern of black dots and swirls. They range in size from 3/4 x 3/4 to 13/16 x 1 3/16. The following description from top to bottom from left to right: the third and sixth butterfly are folded.  The first and second butterfly is male and the third and fourth is female.  VERSO: From left to right and top to bottom . Edith Copper [male symbol] July 31-1935 Tioga Lake Mono Co. Calif. [male symbol] Aug:1-1935 Tioga Lake Mono Co. Calif. [female symbol] July 6-1931 Timber Lake Teton Mts. Wyo. [female symbol] July 11-1935 Mono Lake Mono Co. Calif Heodis Nivales July 6-1935 Payson Canyon Utah The Snowy Copper"

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