Collection Date: September 15, 1933 (Little Rock); September 4, 1933 (Scott City); July 2, 1935 (Bryce Canyon); July 5, 1935 (Santaquin Canyon)
7 in HIGH x 5 in WIDE x 0.8125 in DEEP
Pulaski Co, AR; Scott County, KS; Southwest Utah; Utah County, UT

Little Rock; Scott City; Bryce Canyon; Santaquin Canyon

Gift of the Walt Disney Family Foundation

Eight (8) butterflies in a Riker Mount which is a thin, glass-topped, cotton-filled exhibition case.  The top five have an upper side that  is dark with yellowish spots. Below, forewing apex and all of hindwing are yellow-cream with pale or absent markings. The next two from left to right are predominantly orange, white and brown in color.  The last three are Upper side is bright reddish orange with narrow dark markings.  Underside is yellow-orange with somewhat blurry rusty orange markings. They range in size from 11/16 x 5/8  to 7/8 x 1 3/8. This description is from left to right and top to bottom.  The first and fifth are male.  The second, third, and the fourth are female.  Verso from left to right and top to bottom: "The Painted Crescent-spot Phyc [obstruction]es phoan [male symbol] Little Rock Ark [female symbol] 9-15-33 P. pictia [female symbol] 9-4-33 Scott City Kansas The Painted Crescent-spot Phyciodes camillus [female symbol] 7-2-35 [male symbol] Bryce Canyon The Camillus Crescent-spot Phyciocles Mylitta 7-5-35 Santaquin Canyon The Mylitta Crescent -spot"

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