Collection Date: June-July 1931; June-July 1932; May 1933
7 in HIGH x 5 in WIDE x 0.875 in DEEP
Navarro County, TX; Lancaster County, NE; Berks County, PA/Lancaster County, PA; Fulton County, GA

Chatfield; Lincoln; Adamstown; Roswell

Gift of the Walt Disney Family Foundation

Eight (8) butterfly in a Riker Mount which is a thin, glass-topped, cotton-filled exhibition case. Males usually have black antennal knobs. Upperside is orange with black borders; postmedian and submarginal areas are crossed by fine black marks. Underside of hindwing has a dark marginal patch containing a light-colored crescent. These butterflies range in size from 3/4 x 3/4 to 1 x 1 9/16. The following description is from left to right and top to bottom.  The second, fourth, sixth, and seventh are male.  The third, fifth, and seventh are female.  Verso from left to right and top to bottom: "The p[obstruction]crescent-spot Phyciodes or ismeria Chatfield Tex [male symbol] 5-24-33 Chatfield Tex [female symbol] 7-13-31 Lincoln Neb [male symbol] 7-11-31 Lincoln Neb Physciodes tharos 6-4-31 [female symbol] Roswell Ga. [male symbol] 7-5-32 Adamstown Pa [female symbol] 6-4-31 Roswell Ga [male symbol] 6-27-32 Adamstown Pa The Pearl Crescent"

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