Collection Date: July 8, 1935 (Table Mt. Bishop Creek); August 2, 1935 (Tioga Lake); July 28, 1935 (Tuolumne Meadows); July 11 and 19, 1935 (Mono Lake)
7.25 in HIGH x 5.25 in WIDE x 0.625 in DEEP
Inyo Co.; Mono Co.; Tuolumne Co.; Mono Co.

Table Mt. Bishop Creek; Tioga Lake; Tuolumne Meadows; Mono Lake

Gift of the Walt Disney Family Foundation

Seven (7) butterfly in a Riker Mount which is a thin, glass-topped, cotton-filled exhibition case. The top butterfly has upper wings brown with one eyespot, yellow between veins. The next two are folded and are mottled brown and light tan with eyespots.  The bottom four have brown upper side. Forewing of male has 2 small eyespots, with the upper one larger; female has 2 large eyespots of about the same size. Eyespots are of equal distance from the outer edge of wing. Dark basal half of hindwing underside is separated from lighter outer half by an irregular dark line. The last two are folded. These range in size from 1 1/4x 11/8 to 1 1/4 x 1 5/8. They are arranged in two columns.  The first butterfly, in the middle of the two columns, is female are is the third, fourth, and sixth.  The rest are male.  Verso from top to bottom and left to right: "Oeneis [obstruction] a [female symbol] July 8-1935 Table Mt. Bishop Creep [sic] Inyo Co. Calif. [male symbol] Aug 2-1935 Tioga Lake Mono Co. Calif [Female symbol] July 28-1935 Tuolumne Meadows Tuolumne Co. Cal. Maid's Artic  [line separating] Cercyonis paulus The Small Wood Nymph [female symbol] July 19-1935 Mono Lake Mono Co. Calif [male symbol] July 11-1935 Mono Lake Mono Co. Cal. [female symbol] July 11-1935 Mono Lake [male symbol] July 11-1935 Mono Lake"

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