7.25 in. HIGH x 3.75 in. WIDE x 10.75 in. DEEP
Museum Purchase

JW '05

A:  Right shoe, dark gray suede high top sports shoe with a black suede eagle design over the toe cap.  The side heel of the shoe is machine stitched in yellow in stylized Aztec-like symbolism.  At the back of the shoe is a black and white plastic portrait of the Mexican patron saint migrants.  This shoes also has a circular white hang tag attached to the shoelace with a chain.  The tag has a orange color and yellow star printed on one side with the word "Brinco" in red.  On the other side, printed in black:  "a project by Judi Wertheir, commissioned by inSite_05   This sneaker design was inspired by the migrants who cross the Mexico/US border by foot every day    This art work does not encourage, condone or support illegal immigration."  This shoe is signed in black "JW  '05."  The sole of the show is black and textured.  above it is a wide strip of red, and above the red, only at the heel, is a band of white.  The tounge has a pocket at the top of the flap.  The shoe is lined with printed fabric representing a map of the Mexican/US border.  B:  Left shoe.  This shoe is the mate to A, and has a few differences.  The structure, colors and lining of the shoe is the same.  This shoe does not have a hang tag.  It has a black plastic compas, printed in white and green.  At the opposite end to the compass is a small flashlight, with an orange colored button to turn it on.  Brinco refers to the Spanish word for "jump" as in "jump the border."

Web sites describing Werthein's project and the shoes have stated that the shoes were given away free to Mexicans, in Mexico, and were also sold in San Diego, reportedly for $200.00+, to illustrate that this inexpensive product, made in China, could show the tensions between process and design, and probably the political, cultural and human tensions that arise from time to time, at the shared border.

Used: unisex | adult

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