10 in HIGH x 6.5 in WIDE x 3.75 in DEEP
Gift of Jean Paulsen

One golden colored mohair teddy bear with jointed moveable limbs and head and the trademark Steiff back hump. The bear has a black embroidery thread nose, mouth, fingers and toes and black plastic eyes. The bottom of the feet and the palm of the paws are pink felt. The proper right ear has a brass colored metal rivet with "Steiff" on the front which attaches the yellow and red cloth tag to the ear. On the front of the tag is an image of a bear face and "Steiff, NNOPFIM OHR 0155/26." On the reverse of the tag is "_material, PA 55 MASS 73, covering 50%wool 50%cotton, made in Western- Germany."

The 0155/26 on the tag identifies this bear as a USA exclusive, Margaret Strong Bear produced from 1982-1999.

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