Lady Murasaki
11.5 in HIGH x 6.5 in WIDE x 7 in DEEP
(29.21 cm HIGH x 16.51 cm WIDE x 17.78 cm DEEP)
Gift of Janet Roth and Mas Nakajima

Unearthed: Found + Made, December 12, 2015–April 24, 2016, Oakland Museum of California, Open Space 2

“This could be the image of a high mountain, while you are down in the valley. To me, it could be a human figure, perhaps wearing some beautiful clothing or with long hair. . . maybe the Virgin Mary? It has got beautiful colors but it is not flashy. A bit of white snow coming down, or pouring water. You can see different things in it. Your imagination can run with it. Could even be a waterfall.”—Janet Roth and Mas Nakajima
In an email from Janet Roth dated 9/21/2016: "we FINALLY came up with the right title:  "Lady Murasaki". Just fyi - the reference is to Murasaki Shikibu (roughly Lady Murasaki) who was the author of the world's 1st novel "The Tale of Genji" (in Japanese "Genji Monogatari") in the 11th Century.  It also can be a reference to one of the main characters in her novel, known as Murasaki.  And Murasaki is not a personal name, it was her sobriquet meaning "purple" - or "The Purple Lady'.  So is less specific reference than to a woman in purple kimono or robes.  Or maybe it is not literally a woman in purple, but a mountain (a lady) as dusk fades into black and things can look purple. This stone, especially when viewed from the side, reminds me of one of the lady's you see in this illustrated scroll of Genji:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Genji_Monogatari_Emaki "
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