Rhododendron Field
30 in HIGH x 40 in WIDE
(76.20 cm HIGH x 101.60 cm WIDE)
Gift of Dr. William S. Porter

BL: Jos. Raphael 1915
Verso TL bar (pencil): Cleaned and waxed (no repaints) May 1936. No final varnish.
Henry Art Gallery, Univ. of Wash., Seattle. American Impressionism. 1980 (t). TOM. Impressionism: The California View, 1890-1930. 1981-82 (t). Whitney Museum of American Art. Reflections of Nature: Flowers in American Art. 1984.

This is an oil painting on canvas that shows an impressionistic field of Rhododendron flowers. What appears to be a bridge is visible in the distance at upper left, and a row of trees spans the horizon line across the top margin of the canvas.

NOTES: Handbook Selection, 1984. Reproduced in American Impressionism, by Richard J. Boyle, N.Y. Graphic Society Ltd., 1974. Conserved by J. Rieniets, 1983.

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