Earth Knower
1931, 32, 35
40 in HIGH x 50 in WIDE
(101.60 cm HIGH x 127.00 cm WIDE)
Gift of Dr. Abilio Reis

BR: Maynard Dixon c(circled) E. H. D./1931-32-35
Verso on canvas: TL: 444(circled). C: EARTH KNOWER/copyright-1946 Edith H. reserved/Maynard Dixon/728 Montgomery St./San Francisco. TL:(white chalk) 323. TL: stretcher bar (label) SFAA 1932 Annual. TL Frame(label): remmnant of Fine Arts Gallery, San Diego, label.
GGIE. 1939. CPHL. SFAA 54th Annual Exhibition. 1932. Ilsley Galleries, L.A. 1933. LA. Art Association. All California Art Exhibit. 1934. M.H.deY. 1968. Phoenix Art Museum. Phoeniz, Az. 1970. California Academy of Sciences, SF. 1981. The American

AOL71 Trust for Museum Exhibitions, February, 2000 - September, 2000 only (first two venues); AOL82 BYU Museum of Art October, 2000; Handbook Selection, 1984.
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