Alone with the Killer
20 in HIGH x 22 in WIDE
(50.80 cm HIGH x 55.88 cm WIDE)
Gift of Mrs. David Park

BC: HWS 1948
TOM. A Period of Exploration on Exhibition, 1973 Boise Gallery of Art, Abstract Expression, 1976 TOM, Art in the San Francisco Bay Area: 1945-1980, 1985. College of Notre Dame, "Early and Recent Abstract Expressionist Paintings," Feb 17 - Mar 27, 1988. M

Abstract oil painting on canvas contains a large area of tan with a small black circle in the center. A dark outline of a shape similar to the letter Y appears at lower right. The upper left corner of the canvas is black with curved and wavy edges. A small white circle and a curve in the shape of the letter 'J' appear within the black area. A wavy black line appears at top center.

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