Imogen and Arviragus
34.5 in HIGH x 46.25 in WIDE
(87.63 cm HIGH x 117.47 cm WIDE)
Gift of the Art Guild

Furniture Shop frame
BR: Arthur F. Mathews '87
Verso (pencil-canvas) IMOGEN & ARVIRAGUS/EYM (illeg)/(illeg) 1887 S.B. SFAA (Label) L. Cross Bar (ink): IMOGEN AND ARVIRAGUS/EYMELINE (Canvas stencil): REY & PERROT/PARIS
TOM. Mathews Exhibition. 1972. TOM. Mathews Exhibition. 1985.//Twenty-Five Years of Collecting California. September 25,1994- January 8, 1995 (TOM)

APPROXIMATE DATE: 1887 NOTES: Jones, Harvey L. Mathews. TOM, 1980, p. 3. ARTIST BIRTH: 1860 ARTIST DEATH: 1945
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