Circus (It's My Turn)
34 in HIGH x 26.75 in WIDE
(86.36 cm HIGH x 67.94 cm WIDE)
The Oakland Museum Kahn Collection

BR: Wm Hahn/San Francisco/1882
TOM. William Hahn/Genre Painter 1829-1887. 1976. San Mateo County Arts Council. 1977. CSU, Bakersfield. Ca. 1979. Milwaukee Art Ctr. Center Ring: The Artist (An Exhibition of Two Centeries of Circus Art). 1981. The Hudson River Museum. Domestic B

Arkelian, Marjorie. The Kahn Collection of Nineteenth-Century Paintings by Artists in California. TOM. 1975, p. 30. Returned from Hudson River Museum 12/22/86.
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