Police raid at 1263 65th Street, Oakland. Interior shot of bar. A table and several spittoons are in front of the bar. One man standing in front of the bar resting one elbow on the bar and looking down at the floor. Another man in a similar position behind the bar. On the countertop are several glasses and a bottle of liquor (wine?) and a pitcher and a display case of "Liberty Brand" chips (?) sits at either end of the bar. On the counter behind the bar are lots of glasses and a cash register. Several bottles of liquor are visible on the selves behind the bar. Packets of cigars and cigarettes are also on the counter as well as a clock. Behind the cash register is a painting on the wall, with two small oval mirrors on either side of the register, in one of the mirrors can be seen a man sitting in another part of the room. To the right side of the bar is a doorway, a woman hiding her face is sitting at a table in this room, with a spittoon at her feet. Another man is standing in the room with the woman but only part of him can be seen.
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