Consumers - the 10th St. Market in Oakland, March 1943. War pay checks|Consumers - 10th St. Market, Oakland
4 in HIGH x 5 in WIDE
(10.16 cm HIGH x 12.70 cm WIDE)
Gift of Paul S. Taylor

Notes in Proof Sheet Volume 35 reads: "42000-42022:Oakland - Wartime (D.L.'s Introduction To Box 10 Covers Sheets 42000-42125.) Handwritten note stapled to Proof Sheet Book reads: War Time and Boom Time Period 1940-1945 Many were made for OWI (Victory Magazine) there are some of the recycle(?) and duplicates - 1. Consumers, ___(?) 10th St Market 2. Street Scenes (wartime) and street signs Metropolitan Oakland, Berkeley, San Francisco Richmond (Univ of California) and elsewhere - 1st Braceros arriving 3. War Workers in Shipyard (O.W.I.) 4. Richmond & Vallejo "Defense" Housing and early tract housing Fortune story 5. Spanish Americans (Vacaville - Yugo-Slav Americans (San Pedro) 7. Italian Americans San Francisco 8. Personal, families & friends Handwritten note attached to Catalog Sheet Volume 5 reads: 10th St. Market series - during 1940's 1980's - being restored as part of Oakland project of "Historic Oakland: - interesting to compare
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