(Vernon Evans and family of Lemmon, S.D.)
Summer 1936
Gift of Paul S. Taylor

verso (in pencil): Vernon Evans and family of Lemmon, S.D., leaving the grasshopper-ridden and drought stricken area for a new start in Oregon or Washington Expects to arrive at Yakima in time for hop-picking. Makes about 200 miles a day in Model-T Ford. Lives in tent. Picture taken near Missoula, Montana, on Highway 10. (also in pencil): Ra 5008-D (black ink stamp): Kindly use the following credit line: / RESETTLEMENT ADMINISTRATION PHOTOGRAPH BY Rothstein

A67.137.94343-53 came from Lange workprint file #37F "On the Road" - 10 photographs by Rothstein, 1 by Shahn
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