Midcontinent (from Mock-up for "An American Exodus")|1.) Homeless Family 2.) Depressed Main Street
Gift of Paul S. Taylor

On mount below image, typewritten: "Cut from the land by illness, driven to the road by poverty, they walk from county to county in search of the meagre security of relief. In 1936 a tenant farmer." In pencil: "Homeless family walks the highway." Typewritten: Atoka County, Oklahoma. June 16, 1938." In pencil: "Homeless family, tenant farmers in 1936. Cut from" In ink, Lange's handwriting: "Please credit to Dorothea Lange note: This is not a government negative and is part of my personal file."

From the American Exodus mock-up Box, Oakes Storage. Notes in Catalog Sheet Volume 4 read: Publications 1.) AMEX '69-pg 55 CAC-pg. 41 2.) AMEX `69-pg 54 -agricultural depression, years of drought, depopulation
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