Oakland Social Security Office
Gift of Paul S. Taylor

verso (pencil): 90 / 3 (for similar - A67.137.9131 - negative): The Unemployment Benefits Act begins, Jan 4 Coincident with the announcement that the Federal Unemployment Census showed close to 10 million persons out of work. 22 states began paying unemployment compensation. Negatives show lines and groups of men at the State Employment Service offices in San Francisco Oakland Berkeley, registering, or waiting to register, filling out forms, etc., on the first day. They can receive from $6 - $15 per week for up to 16 weeks.

Filed in Lange work print file #38D, with the following title and inscription - in Lange's hand (pencil): June 1938 / Oakland California / Jobless men file claims for unemployment benefits, in the first days of the new law, under Social Security legislation

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