Untitled (Quicksilver Messenger Service, Mount Rushmore, Big Brother and the Holding Company, Horns of Plenty at Avalon Ballroom, San Francisco)
14 in HIGH x 20.25 in WIDE
(35.56 cm HIGH x 51.43 cm WIDE)
Gift of Family Dog Productions

printed in white ink, BR: "Moscoso"
printed, BR: No. 68-1; TR: "1967 (c) FAMILY DOG PRODUCTIONS 639 GOUGH ST San Francisco, Calif. 94102"

This is an offset lithograph on paper advertising a concert at the Avalon Ballroom with the artists: Quicksilver Messenger Service, Mt. Rushmore, Big Brother and the Holding Company, Blue Cheer, and North American Ibis Alchemical Co. The text for the poster is blue at top and green at bottom with a red/orange background. The blue and green lettering comes together at center to form a ying yang symbol with circular Family Dog logos as dots. A listing of ticket outlets is printed vertically in small white text on a green border at left and on a blue border at right.

URL: http://www.wolfgangsvault.com/quicksilver-messenger-service/poster-art/poster/FD068.htmlAccessed: 11/18/20The 1st printing of the poster is green, blue and orange/red, though it displays a significant amount of color variation throughout the print run. When held vertically with the green border along the left, there is about 1/4" of blue space below the "No.68-1" on the bottom right hand border. This printing does not have the dot described in the 2nd printing description. It measures 14" x 20 1/4" and was printed prior to the concert. The post-concert 2nd printing is identified by a dark blue dot which is not on the originals. When held vertically with the green border to the left, the dot is located in the third pink line from the left, about 3/8" up from the bottom edge. The pink line is located between the "C" and "O" of "Concert". Most copies are trimmed all the way up to the "No.68-1", although there are a few with blue below. The green, blue and in this case pink/magenta colors remain relatively consistent throughout the print run. This printing is slightly smaller due to the border being trimmed, measuring 13 7/8" x 20".

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