Muscatine Diver
60.125 in HIGH x 40.25 in WIDE
(152.72 cm HIGH x 102.23 cm WIDE)
Gift of the artist

BR: William Brown 63
Verso TC: William Brown/Dec. 1962 stretcher brace (label-Felix Landau Gallery, Los Angeles)
LACMA: Made in California, 2000. Wiegand Gallery, College of Notre Dame, Wonner/Brown exhibition, October 19 - December 11, 1999

This is a figurative oil painting on canvas. The composition shows two figures in a body of water. The figure on the right is painted in mid-dive, and the the figure on the left stands facing away from the viewer. A landscape dotted with small buildings appears in the background with a road that extends to the horizon of a hazy purple sky.

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