My Shadow
84.25 in HIGH x 66.25 in WIDE
(213.99 cm HIGH x 168.27 cm WIDE)
Gift of Mrs. Elizabeth Ross

BR: R. Colescott/77
California Art in the Age of Pluralism: 1974 - 1981, Museum of Contemporary Art Los Angeles, October 2, 2011 - January 30, 2012Razor Gallery, N.Y.C., "Robert Colescott: Paintings," 1977. TOM, "Black Perspective," 1989.The Museum of Contemporary Art,

This is an acrylic painting on canvas of two figures dancing in a child's bedroom. A girl in a pink nightie and a boy in yellow pajamas, both wearing top hats, dance in syncopation at upper right in the composition. A single size bed with a yellow floral bedspread and a blue bed frame appears at lower left. The headboard is decorated with the image of Donald Duck, and the footboard is decorated with the image of Mickey Mouse. A tall open window with yellow shutters shows the night sky at upper left. A letter is shot through with an arrow into the wall at upper right. A mouse appears along the baseboard and a pink record player rests on the carpet at center right.

This painting makes reference to the song "Me and My Shadow" by the entertainer, Ted Lewis.

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