Volume and Space Organization
31.5 in HIGH
(80.01 cm HIGH)
Gift of Mrs. Else Merrild

Verso TC (ink): "VOLUME AND SPACE ORGANIZATION"/1933/BY/KNUD MERRILD Label, Bertha Schaefer Gallery, 32 E. 57th St., N.Y. 22, N.Y.: No.2100 Label, L.A. CO. Museum of Art: LOAN #16/Mrs. Merrild/Copenhagen
LACMA. Knud Merrild 1894-1954. 1965. Rutgers Univ. Art Gallery, New Brunswick, NJ. Vanguard American Sculpture: 1913-1939. 1979. TOM. 100 Years of California Sculpture. 1982. James Corcoran Gallery, LA. Lost and Found in California: Three Decades

APPROXIMATE DATE: 1933 NOTES: Handbook Selection, 1984. ARTIST BIRTH: 1894 ARTIST DEATH: 1954
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