14.5 in HIGH x 12 in WIDE
(36.83 cm HIGH x 30.48 cm WIDE)
Gift of an anonymous donor

1. Four newspaper clippings: a) "Works of 20 Noted Artists on Display At Oakland School" by Robert Shaw from the Oakland Post-Enquirer. b) "The Examiner today extends greetings and best wishes on this, their birthday anniversary to.." from The Oakland Examiner, 1931, including Bernard Maybeck, Martinez, and Joseph Nisbet Le Conte. c) "Twenty-Five Years Ago Today December 23, 1906" from Dec. 1931. d) "Twenty-Five Years Ago Today January 14, 1907" from January 1932. 2. Typed letter to Martinez from B.C. Norris of the California Men of Prominence, Ltd., dated July 1, 1932. 3. Typed letter to Martinez from Clare Cronenwett of The Little Studio-Gallery of Monrovia, Ca., dated May, 24, 1930. 4. Magazine Article "Faure's Diatribe" from The Art Digest, Oct. 1, 1931. 5. Two postcards to Martinez from 1931.
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