How to Chart a Coarse
87 in HIGH x 144 in WIDE x 78 in DEEP
(220.98 cm HIGH x 365.76 cm WIDE x 198.12 cm DEEP)
Gift of the Collectors Gallery, the Timken Fund, and Anne and Stephen Walrod

Walker Art Center. Wiley Territory. 1979. TOM. Recent Acquisitions. 1985. (only the one drawing, 84.46y). The Museum of Contemporary Art, L.A., CA. Dec 10, 1986 -- Jan 10, 1988.

This work consists of 26 items, detailed as follows: a=81x120" drawing on felt suspended by 2 leather spraps w/brass rings on a 1 1/4" wood board. Felt is intentionally torn on either side, grommets in all four corners. TR corner, leather thong attached. b=suspended from the top wood board, extreme left, tree branch in upside-down Y formation w/another board bridging the Y. Purple rabbit's foot & green pencil attached. c=wood triangle attached to felt 18" from b. DIVINE NATURAL LAW on sides of triangle. d=wood cross suspended from top board in center. e=articulated wood board suspended from top board to right of cross (c). f,g,h=3 wood boards; 2",6",6", respectively, attached to felt. f is in between d & e, g & h are in between e and right edge of felt. i,j=lead balls w/leather thongs attached to grommets in BL & BR corners of felt. k=rock atached by leather thong to TL grommet and placed on floor, just to left of l. l=20x20x2 1/4" stretched canvas "Time and Tides Weights for K-N-O-W man W.M.T.Wiley/1969" Leather thong attached to loop hole on canvas. m=glass, round-bottomed bottle stuffed w/scarves. Wood dowel & drawing of bottle on a tag are tied to a piece of wire which is stuck in cork of bottle. n=Y-shaped branch w/"Thank you world" crossing bar leans against felt piece & holds up triangle (c). o=yellow scarf w/grommet hooks onto right branch of n. p=L-shaped branch, pendant to n, leans against felt piece. q,r=wood dowel(q) w/V-shaped branch on one end is tied to p w/leather thong. Red rabbit's foot(r) hooks onto q. s=record book no. 64-5030 contains journal-like information on this piece as well as on others of Wiley's. Title is stated here. t=92" piece of wood, painted widthwise in alternating bands of white & black. Tied to record book (s) by leather thong. u=tree stump w/o dowel, placed on left side. v=74" piece of wood w/hinged piece of board on which is placed a bone w/feather tied to it. v is attached to u. w=tree stump w/dowel, placed on right side. x=curved 74" wood plank w/hinged piece of board (BRIDGE). x is attached to w. y=framed drawing, "Might as well call it a beginning." 32.5x25" (frm), ink on paper. z=framed drawing, "Whales Harp." 32.5x25" (frm), watercolor on paper.

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