c. 1910
22 in HIGH
(55.88 cm HIGH)
Art Curators Fund

Bottom: hallmark of D'Arcy Gaw and Dirk Van Erp in rectagular panel with windmill above
TOM, "Recent Acquisitions," 1985. S.F. Crafts & Folk Art Museum, "Dirk van Erp," 1989.

Base: upright truncated conical shape w/trumpet bell flared base; 4 riveted extended "s" shaped supporting arms for shade; collar for bulb socket. Planished, patinated, and soldered copper. Shade: planished and patinated copper frame w/4 riveted ribs; attenuated dome-shaped knob-finial w/scalloped skirt w/4 diamond-shaped cut-outs; 4 mica panels.
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