Flying Man with Briefcase at 2,816,949
94.5 in HIGH x 24.5 in WIDE
(240.03 cm HIGH x 62.23 cm WIDE)
Gift of the Florence M. Heafey Foundation

stamped on back: JB 83-2111/ GEMINI, 1983
Whitney Museum (at Philip Morris), 1989. TOM, "de-Persona," 1991.

This is a painted gatorfoam sculpture that is cut in the outline of a man wearing a suit and hat, who is holding a briefcase. The surface is painted black and the number 2816949 is written in white on the center of the piece. The sculpture is exhibited hanging from the ceiling.

Description of Fabrication (Per Gemini G.E.I.): Each piece is routed from Gatorfoam following a master template. The foam edges are etched back with epoxy primer and then filled and hand-shaped with auto body filler. "T" nuts for eye screws are adhered with structural adhesive to the back for hanging the work from the ceiling. The entire piece is primed and painted and then the artist signs and numbers each piece with an edition number and a 7' t "Borofsky" number (conceived by the artist and utilized in all of his work). The Gemini identification number, Gemini cho[ and copyright insignia are screen printed on the back of each piece. The piece is then coated with a clear acrylic

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