Untitled (Four Portraits)|Children Playing with Toys/Geometric
The David M. Faraday Collection, gift of Kathleen C. Faraday and Jeffrey Michael Faraday

TOM Silver & Gold: A Preview, September 16, 1995 - January 28, 1996

Union case (black), 4-up, sixteenth-plate size; Children Playing with Toys (Krainik #574). Case considered "rare." Ornate oval mats, upper left and lower right; ornate nonpareil mats, upper right and lower left. Paper label intact; case by Crichlow. One daguerreotype, one ambrotype, one paper print, and one unspecified: upper left, daguerreotype of a man; upper right, ambrotype of a woman; lower left, unspecified image of three women with hats; lower right, paper photograph of a young man.
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