collected Dec. 30, 1910 - Jan. 12, 1911
3.625 in DEEP
(9.21 cm DEEP)
Calaveras Co.
Museum Purchase

"Natives and Settlers," Great Hall, 12-17-79 to 3-9-80.

Basket, round, feather decorated. Received from: Mrs. Kilbar. "Coiled, feathers, string of red and white beads attached to rim for use as handle."(Reggiardo,9/78) "Central or Northern Miwok, I think more likely Central. Gift Basket. Apparently sewn with split shoots (maybe split bull pine) on a three rod foundation, which uses grass for the side rods (seed bearing stalks of Muehlenbergia rigens) and a scraped rod for the top rod, a common Central Miwok technique. Feathers appear to be yellow meadowlark breast or tananger; the black feathers may be a mixture of various types--some rows of acorn woodpecker neck feathers, others of domestic chicken. A few spots of (now) faded acorn woodpecker scalp feathers still exist. I am pretty certain that this basket was once fully feathered on the sides. At the top of the basket, on the next-to-last row, are a few spots of what must have been Lewis woodpecker breast feathers. A very rare basket, one of the only baskets of its type in existance."(C. Bates & Bruce Bernstein, 7/91)
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