4.5 in HIGH
(11.43 cm HIGH)
Northern, CA
Gift of Mrs. Henrietta C. Gove

Basket cap, grass fiber. Said to have been worn by Captain Jack. "Capt. Jacks cap. Indian chief of the Modoc's. I got this just after the Modoc war. I was up there he wore it. H.G. Gove." This note is in the donor file and signed by the donor.[vv,6/91] "More likely a woman's cap made of mud-dyed and natural tule sheath, nettle fiber cordage and possibly beargrass." (Craig Bates, 7/91) There is no reason to doubt the ascertion of the donor, however. According to the Modoc tribal leadership, men did wear basket hats. (PCK 2007).

Used: Captain Jack | Modoc

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