collected Nov.24 - Dec.17, 1913
4.5 in WIDE
(11.43 cm WIDE)
Brush Creek, Butte Co. | Hood Smith's wife
Museum Purchase

"Natives and Settlers," Great Hall, 12-17-79 to 3-9-80.

Brush, soap root fiber. Used to brush acorn meal from sifter. Received from: Hood Smith's Squaw "Brush made by sewing with needle and string; using cotton string - both technique and material post-contact. Acorn flour remains all over this thing." (Craig Bates, 7/91) "See Goodard 1903 p.28 - description: '...She has a brush at hand to sweep up scattered meal and to brush it from the mill when she has finnished. This brush is made of fibers taken from the sheath of the bulb of soap-root, chlorogalum pomeridianum, bound with buckskin. From time to time she takes out the fine flour and sifts it in a shallow basket ... by giving it a gentle motion up and down as it is held at an angle over a large basket-pan.'" (gray notebook)
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