collected to June, 1915
13.5 in HIGH
(34.29 cm HIGH)
Stanfield Hill, Butte Co.
Museum Purchase

on exhibit

Basket bowl, flaring, coiled. Milleped design in redbud, very large. "Mush basket for feast."(Dawson,65)[vv,6/91] "Appears to be woven of peeled and unpeeled split redbud." (Craig Bates, 8/91) From the History Information Station: "Object: Feast basket made by three-rod coiling. The materials used are peeled redbud and unpeeled split redbud. It was collected among the Maidu of Stanfield Hill, Butte County, and dates to the late 19th or early 20th century. The basket was acquired by C.P. Wilcomb, founding curator of the Oakland Public Museum, circa 1910. History: On ceremonial occasions and during large gatherings, these huge baskets were used to cook the large quantities of food needed to feed the participants and guests. The baskets were filled with acorn mush, the staple food throughout native California. The mush was cooked until it boiled right in the basket by adding red hot stones, and stirring briskly. When filled to the top, the basket was so heavy it took several men, using straps tied around it, to move it to the assembly house. There, women dipped the mush out to individual eating baskets."

Used: food service

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