19 in HIGH
(48.26 cm HIGH)
Northern, CA
Gift of Mrs. Philip E. Bowles

on exhibit

Basket for storage, twined, 13 x 9 in. larger than this! Open work, dec. edge From the History Information Station: "Object: Burden basket made of willow shoots by open twining . It was collected among the Hupa, and dates to the late 19th or early 20th century. The basket was acquired by the Oakland Public Musuem in 1911. History: Burden baskets are use for carrying acorns or other plant materials while they are being gathered. Women carry burden baskets using a net with a tump line. A woman places the tump line, or band, against her forehead, and allows the rest of the net to hang down her back. She places the base of the basket so it sits firmly in the end of the net. When she leans slightly forward, the basket rests securely against her back. A woman is able to walk quite a distance carrying a good deal of weight using one of these nets."

Used: food gathering

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