3.125 in DEEP
(7.94 cm DEEP)
East central, CA | 1908 Expedition
Oakland Museum of California; Charles P. Wilcomb Collection

"Natives and Settlers," Great Hall, 12-17-79 to 3-9-80.

Basket bowl, small. Miwok Tribe "Mush serving bowl."(Dawson,65) Flaring, coiled, tree like design done in redbud. Fair condition.(Reggiardo,9/78)[vv,6/91] "Northern Miwok, possibly Ione. Three-rod, coiled in sedge with bracken fern root pattern, not redbud as originally catalogued . Distinctively Ione Miwok style; I think that this is part of a group of four baskets (including 16.405; 16.376; 16.383). They are representative of a specific type of Miwok basket used as a drinking cup or personal acorn soup basket used for drinking thin acorn soup. Acorn soup still adheres to interior." (C. Bates, 8/91) See Craig Bates correspondence, 8/12/91. (Documentation project files).
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