10.5 in HIGH
(26.67 cm HIGH)
Central, CA
Museum Purchase

Basket, coiled, (bowl). Steps over the mountain. Design in redbud and fern root. "Design: step leading from valley to the mountains."(Reggiardo,79) "Probably Western Mono (or Yokuts)."(Dawson,65)[vv,6/91] "This basket started convex work surface with rightward coil (south of Joaquin R., Auberry?) then finished off. North Fork weaver began again (new start) convex, leftward work direction. Unusual pattern for North Fork Mono. North Fork Mono = convex work surface and leftward coil. Not of Tulare Indian origin as previously stated. Bracken fern root design and sedge background." (Judy Polanich, 7/92)
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