19th century
2.625 in HIGH
(6.67 cm HIGH)
Northern, CA | 1908 Expedition
Oakland Museum of California; Charles P. Wilcomb Collection

Basket, round. dec. with beads "Coiled. Three rows of red and hwite beads dewn on rim. One row of redbud runs horizontally."(Reggiardo,9/78)[vv,6/91] "Sedge and redbud. Opaque white glass and green glass centered, brick red exterior glass pony beads. Beads sewn on with needle and thread after basket's completion. Although the surest thing to say is Pomo, this basket is inconsistent with what we understand about Pomo baskets. This may be made very early or by a group to the south of Pomo. The shape, design, stitching carried in foundation, and two bottom stitches of foundation being larger dimension than top stitch. These being some of the reasons it is not Pomo. 19th century." (Bruce Bernstein and Craig Bates, 7/91)
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