5.5 in HIGH x 2 in WIDE x 3.5 in DEEP
(13.97 cm HIGH x 5.08 cm WIDE x 8.89 cm DEEP)
Taiohae Harbor | Austral Islands | South Pacific Ocean
Museum Purchase, Dr. John Rabe D.D.S. Collection

"Settlement of Polynesia," Lowie Museum, Apr., 1978- Dec., 1978

Image, double, "Tiki" or God, stone. Very rare. Storage: Polynesia "There were two types of small human figures, single and double. They were used in handling the sick, and also as real votive offerings. [Linton, 1923, p.345] There are references to this object which indicate that it may have been used as a net sinker. [Steiner, Karl Von den, 'Die Marquesaner und Ihrekunst' 1928, and Guiart, Jean 'Arts of the South Pacific'] (gray notebook) "Rare carving of a spiritual figure seen in Eastern Polynesia. Double back. " (J. Nason 9/93) "Two carved figures, back to back. 5.5" high, 3.25" wide. Natural color. Valued at $50.00. Valued by Donald Marshall at $400.00 - 1955." (warehouse card) "Image, double "Tiki Honu," God of turtles," stone, small. Taiohae Harbor."(Inventory, November 12, 1914, in donor file) "Taiohae is located in Nuku Hiva Island, Marquesas Island, not in the Austral islands. This is Marquesan." (Carol Ivory, 3/95) "Image, Marquesas, not Austral Islands. Basalt. Very fine specimen." (Roger Rose, 4/95) "Definitely Marquesan in style. `honu' is turtle." (Carol Ivory, 7/95)
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