1.75 in HIGH
(4.44 cm HIGH)
Taiohae | Marquesas Island | South Pacific Ocean
Museum Purchase, Dr. John Rabe D.D.S. Collection

Sling shot, stone, very old. Place in Ed. Ex. Case 5/26/53 "The Marquesans didn`t really `hunt.' The staple was breadfruit and they also fished and raised pigs. The slings were mainly for battle, which is described in a number of journals. Two that have been published are David Porter's and Robert's (Greg Dening, ed). "Spherical; heavy. Made of basalt. Taiohae is a valley on Nuku Hiva Island." (Roger Rose, 4/95) "Stone--`kea'. Taiohae is on Nukuhiva." (Carol Ivory, 7/95)

Used: warfare

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