6 in HIGH x 6.5 in WIDE
(15.24 cm HIGH x 16.51 cm WIDE)
Hawaiian Islands
Museum Purchase

Poi pounder, trachyte rock "Convex bottom, natural color, very heavy." (gray notebook) "Ring type from Kauai, Hawaii' Dr. K. Emory, Bishop Museum, 27-XII-62" (gray notebook) "See Dilly Loan - Poi Pounders" (gray notebook) "Classic Polynesian taro and breadfruit pounders made of coral and basalt." (J. Nason 9/93) "Poi pounder; trachyte rock. Island of Kauai, State of Hawaii, Polynesia." (warehouse card) "Ring or stirrup pounder. Found only on Kauai." (William Davenport, 2/95) "Poi pounder; Kauai as above. Made of basalt. The Hawaiian term is `pohaku puka ku`i poi' (the general term is `pohaku ku`i poi', puka refers to the hole in this type of pounder)." (Roger Rose, 4/95)

Used: food preparation

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