26 in HIGH x 5.5 in WIDE x 4 in DEEP
(66.04 cm HIGH x 13.97 cm WIDE x 10.16 cm DEEP)
Normanby Island | South Pacific Ocean
Museum Purchase, Dr. John Rabe D.D.S. Collection

"Art of New Guinea," Merritt Museum, 5-75 - 9-75

drum, cyclindrical in shape, made of wood, has a handle for carrying. End of drum used for beating has reptile skin. (Norman by isl. in S.E. of New Guinea in N. Coral Sea) (warehouse card) "per the changes on the warehouse card, the provenance is Normanby Island. The information regarding S.E. of New Guinea in N. Coral Sea has been crossed out. Massim area of N. Guinea, Melanesia has been added." "valued at $75.00" (warehouse card) "Massim. The reptile skin is lizard." (John Barker, 12/94) "Hand held dance drum. Massim style scroll design. Made of monitor lizard skin, carved wood with lime fill in incising, and fiber." (William Davenport, 2/95)

Used: dance

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