7.5 in HIGH
(19.05 cm HIGH)
Marquesas Islands
Gift of Dr. A. E. Dilley

Poi Pounder, stone. Carving not complete "Polynesian taro and breadfruit pounder made of coral and basalt." (J. Nason 9/93) "Double face carved on handle knob indicates Marquesas Islands." (William Davenport, 2/95) "Basalt, not coral. Definitely Marquesan. In the Marquesas the main food staple was breadfruit." (Carol Ivory, 3/95) "Poi pounder from Marquesas. Made of basalt. Carved in double-human face." (Roger Rose, 4/95) "`keatuki popoi': `kea'--stone; `tuki'--pounding pestle; `popoi'--mashed breadfruit." (Carol Ivory, 7/95)

Used: food processing

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