.5 in HIGH x 2.25 in WIDE
(1.27 cm HIGH x 5.71 cm WIDE)
Ocean Island
Gift of Mrs. Mary M. Brock

"Settlement of Polynesia," Lowie Museum, Apr., 1978- Dec., 1978

Fish hook, gypsum, bone barb. Storage; Micronesia "Fish hook made of gypsum with bone barb. Gilbert Islands - Ocean Islands (?) $25.00, 1955 - Donald Marshall." (warehouse card) "Trolling hook made of stone with hibiscus fiber on lure." (James Nason, 12.94) "Cotton thread binding. Stone body shank is unique to Ocean Island (now called Banaba)." (William Alkire, 2/95) "Trolling lure. Calcite, bone, hibiscus bast hackles, cordage. More likely Makin (island) in the Gilberts." (Roger Rose, 4/95)

Used: fishing

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