4.75 in WIDE x .5 in DEEP
(12.06 cm WIDE x 1.27 cm DEEP)
New Zealand
Museum Purchase

MERE MERE, Whalebone "Patu" "Maori". (Don Marshall) "Whalebone cut to form weapon. Notched on blade side. Carving has human form and abalone inlay for eyes. Also inlay in handle. Handle has square hole possibly for cord." (gray notebook) "This club shape is referred to as a Wahaika with side notch. Though the term mere is applied loosely to clubs of the mere shape regardless of material, the term should really be restricted to the most valued clubs made of jade, the stone clubs having their own descriptive name, onewa... and the whalebone clubs carrying the descriptive name of patu paraoa (patu, club; paraoa, whalebone)." [p. 278, Hiroa] (gray notebook) "Whalebone "patu" "mere mere" Maori - New Zealand" (warehouse card) "`Patu paraoa', `wahaika' type. Made of whale bone with haliotis inlay on eyes of side figure and at end of handle (one missing here)." (Roger Rose, 4/95) "Probably made for exhibit or ceremonial purposes. Artist probably did not learn craft directly--carving indicates a break in tradition: lower limb is weakly carved and should be a stronger curve as Maori carving based on the spiral (warrior stance weakened); curves and round holes are typical of Maori work, but the carving here done by boring (note square and triangular shapes on theis piece). Appears to be same artist as 18.408." (John Bevan Ford, 10/95)
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