early 20th century
2 in WIDE
(5.08 cm WIDE)
Gift of Mr. A. Hayes

Knives or daggers, bone. One decorated with red seeds "For magical killing while pointing during ritual. Made in Australia" (J. Nason 9/93) "Knives or daggers made of bone. One decorated with red seeds. New Guinea, Melanesia." (warehouse card) "A) Bone dagger decorated with red seeds, B) Undecorated bone dagger." (V. Verzuh, 9/94) (Dr. Philip A. Clarke 9/96)- "Probably used mainly as a dagger rather than as a pointing-bone (type of sorcery object). Some examples in museums. This category of object still is made at Aurukun, Northern Queensland. These type of daggers are also used in New Guinea." Dr. Clarke believes this item to have probably come from the "top of Cape York Peninsula, Queensland". He also believes that it is made from cassowary (indigenous bird of Australia) bone and was used for fighting.

Used: fighting

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