8.25 in HIGH
(20.95 cm HIGH)
Hawaiian Islands
Gift of Mrs. Henry Wetherbee

Poi pounder. Larger is a finer spec. "Three spec. listed, only two spec. found." (gray notebook) "Name and provenience confirmed. Dr. K. Emory, Bishop Mus., 27-XII-62" (gray notebook) "See Dilly collection - poi pounders" (gray notebook) "Preparations termed `poi` are made by mashing breadfruit, sweet potato, banana, or taro. Cooked taro, owing to its firmness, has to be mashed with considerable force. This is done with a stone pounder or a pounding board. The ponders are made of basalt. Poi is made by men. One or two men may work at a time depending on the size of the board. The knobbed pounders are characterized by an upper terminal knob which prevents the hand from slipping upwards when the pounder is grasped by the neck or grip." (gray notebook) "Classic Polynesian taro and breadfruit pounder made of coral and basalt." (J. Nason 9/93) "Poi pounder. 1) H 8.25"; 2) H 6.75"; 3) H 5.75"x D 3.75". Value $50.00 - 1 spec.; Value $25.00 - 2 spec.--1955 per Donald Marshall." (warehouse card) "Classic food or poi pounder from Hawaii." (William Davenport, 2/95) "Poi pounder (pohaku ku`i poi is the Hawaiian term). Hawaii. Made of basalt." (Roger Rose, 4/95)

Used: food processing

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