34.5 in. HIGH x 0.78 in. DEEP
Gift of Antoinette Hunter Whelan

Cane made from wood of the "John Jay". The ship that brought Lafayette on second trip.

From "In Olde Massachusetts: Sketches of Old Times and Places During the Early Days of the Commonwealth" by Charles Burr Todd. Page 101. "I have known many famous ships in my day, and have heard gossip of others. One of General Grant’s gifts from the people of San Francisco was a cane turned from the portion of the rudder post of the old ship John Jay, which was dismantled and her hulk burned in San Antonio creek some years since. This vessel is said to have conveyed Franklin to France in 1776 as ambassador from the United States." Copied from online transcription of book. http://www.usgennet.org/usa/ma/county/plymouth/books/olde/set2/chap14.htm (AJourdenais 8/2005)

Used: Lafayette, ship John Jay

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