Photographs, progress report of Oakland's City Hall. Report from architects to Mayor Mott. From first excavation to completion. (Donated by Frank K. Mott, 12/27/1939). Acc. #26.1486H is "Test of floor slab for first floor, Oakland City Hall, Jan. 12th, 1912; Loading 150lbs per square foot, plus dead 100 lbs per square foot, fabric No.9 guage 4 inch O.C., cross wires No 10 gauge spaced 12 inch O.C., thickness of slab 4 inches, proportions of concrete 1-3-5" ; (on back) "Letter from Palmer and Hornbostel, Architects, 63 William St., N.Y.C., to Hon. Frank K. Mott, Mayor of the City of Oakland - signed by J.J. Donovan, dated 1/17/1912 - "Re: Test made of the concrete slab at the Northeast corner of the building on Jan. 11th & 12th, 1912. See also report of test attached to letter"
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