Photographs, progress report of Oakland's City Hall. Report from architects to Mayor Mott. From first excavation to completion. "Test of floor slab for floors above first floor, Oakland City Hall, Jan. 12th, 1912; Loading71 0lbs per square foot live, plus dead 100 lbs per square foot, fabric No. 8 gauge 4 inch O.C., cross wires No 10 gauge spaced 12 inches O.C., thickness of slab 4 inches, proportions of concrete 1-3-5"; (on back) "Letter from Palmer and Hornbostel, Architects, 63 William St., N.Y.C., to Hon. Frank K. Mott, Mayor of the City of Oakland - signed by J.J. Donovan, dated 1/17/1912 - "Re: Test made of the concrete slab at the Northeast corner of the building on Jan. 11th & 12th, 1912.
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