Gift of Mayor Frank K. Mott

Badge, "F.O.E., "Oakland Aerie #7. Brass badge, 3 parts chained together, lower oblong medal with picture of Oakland's City Hall From the History Information Station: Object: Badge with medallion showing Oakland City Hall. "FOE Aerie No. 7." Medallion probably issued 1913-1914. History: This badge of the Fraternal Order of Eagles belonged to Oakland Mayor Frank Mott (1905-1915). The Eagles Aerie No. 7, now on Broadway in Oakland, was founded in 1890 and was one of the nation's first chapters. Many city politicians, officials and businessmen joined the Aerie. It was both a social club and an important site of political hobnobbing and business dealings. The medallion commemorating Oakland's new City Hall was probably issued to all members of Aerie No. 7 involved in city government.

Used: Oakland Aerie | City Hall

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