Jan. 29, 1912
Gift of Mayor Frank K. Mott

The snap from the Pneumatic Riverting Hammer--of metal. Enclosed in a redwood burl box 7 in. x 3 1/2 in. x 3 in. Has a silver plate on top-engraved--the snap etc. Used by F. K. M. in driving the first rivet in the new City Hall, oakland, Calif. Jan. 29, 1912 From the History Information Station: Object: Redwood box containing pneumatic hammer snap, with silver plaque, inscribed, "The Snap from the Pneumatic Riveting Hammer used by Mayor Frank K. Mott in driving the first rivet in the new City Hall. Oakland, California, January 29, 1912." History: Oakland's Mayor Mott (1905-1915), a devotee of civic improvement, energeticaly promoted the building of a new City Hall. In 1912 his efforts were realized. The new building was proudly up-to-date. Its structural steel frame would contain 400,000 rivets, said the Oakland Tribune, and (with reference to 1906 earthquake) "would withstand any shock." The Tribune went on: "In setting the first rivet...Mott established in material form the vision of the great building which is to rise as the center of civic life in Oakland." The riveted steel frame was severely tested in the big earthquake which rocked the Bay Area in 1989. City Hall was badly damaged, but it was saved from demolition.

Used: Frank K. Mott | Pneumatic riveting hammer | City Hall

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